Buy, sell, and lock

Buying & Selling

  1. To buy or sell a token, click 'Trade.'

  2. Choose 'Pay with Crypto' or 'Pay with Credit Card.' (If paying with Credit Card, follow the instructions provided to create your Portis account. Portis is a crypto wallet that offers email and password login, like any other website. If you're new to crypto, this is the easiest option.)

  3. Use the dropdown menu to choose a payment currency. (If paying with a Credit Card, choose DAI β€” it's a crypto version of USD.)

  4. Enter the desired purchase amount.

  5. Click 'Buy' (Authorize if prompted)

List & Buy in one transaction

When listing a new token, we highly recommend that you List & Buy in one transaction.

This is because when you list a new token, it starts at the lowest possible price. If you don't List & Buy in the same transaction, you might lose the opportunity to buy at the moment of minimum risk and maximum potential reward.

Why lock tokens?

Locking tokens means you will be unable to sell or withdraw these tokens until after a certain amount of time passes.

Locking tokens shows your confidence in the long-term value of a listing. It shows future buyers you won't sell as soon as they buy in after you, reducing risk and making the listing more attractive.

Locking tokens will always be optional.