DAOs: Activism-for-profit

DAOs combine financial and social capital.

This gives them at least 2 unique ways to use Ideamarket:

1. Simultaneously advance your cause, and make money

A DAO with a 100,000 Twitter followers between its members could probably get 500 ratings on a post in a very short time, which would cost $2 to create and earn the DAO nearly $1000 in ETH.

It's this easy:

  1. Make a Post on Ideamarket from a DAO-owned wallet.

  2. Have the DAO's members rate the post. If needed, you can stake some $IMO on those users to boost the post's visibility.

  3. Have the DAO's members share the post with their friends, in their communities, and on social media, asking everyone to rate the post.


  • A crypto lobbyist DAO could co-own and promote a post saying “Sanctioning TornadoCash was a bad idea”

  • A DeSci DAO could post “Vitamin C cures 85% of cancers, according to this Fitbit data on Arweave”

  • A crypto journalism DAO could post “Actually, proof-of-work energy consumption isn’t a big deal and here’s why”

2. Instantly create new DAOs based on shared beliefs

Using a tool like KaratDAO, you can airdrop tokens to wallets you pre-qualify based on their on-chain attributes.

Since Ideamarket puts personal beliefs on-chain, you will be able to airdrop DAO governance tokens to people who agree with you — even on a tiny niche topic — and instantly create a DAO with philosophically-aligned members.

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