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Used to voluntarily lock IdeaTokens for a specified duration.
This contract uses a doubly linked list to keep track of locked tokens and allow for iteration. For each (IdeaToken, owner) combination a linked list is stored where new entries to the list are inserted at the head:
|-----------| --- next ---> |-----------| | LLEntry | | LLEntry | ---- > |-----------| <--- prev --- |-----------| | | _llHead[IdeaToken][owner]
Each LLEntry has an until field which is the timestamp when the tokens in this entry will be unlocked. A (IdeaToken, owner, until) combination uniquely identifies a LLEntry. Thus the until also often serves as an ID.
Since (IdeaToken, owner, until) is unique, the storage location of each LLEntry is calculated as keccak256(abi.encode(ideaToken, owner, until)).
  • lock: Locks IdeaTokens for a specified duration
    • address ideaToken: The address of the IdeaToken to be locked
    • uint amount: The amount of IdeaTokens to lock
    • uint duration: The duration in seconds to lock the IdeaTokens
    • address recipient: The account to credit the locked IdeaTokens
  • withdraw: Withdraw IdeaTokens which have exceeded their locking period
    • address ideaToken: The address of the IdeaToken to withdraw
    • uint[] untils: An array of timestamps which corresponds to the end of the locking period of the entries to be withdrawn.
    • address recipient: The account which will receive the IdeaTokens
  • getLockedEntries: Returns an array of all locked entries for an account and IdeaToken
    • address ideaToken: The IdeaToken for which to return the locked entries
    • address user: The address of the user for which to return the locked entries
    • uint maxEntries: The maximum number of entries to return