Ideamarket Docs

Global knowledge graph

Ideamarket is a knowledge graph for the world.
This functionality is already live in the smart contracts — it's just not visualized.
Posts are linked by citations, creating a network of credible opinions on every topic. It tracks what we believe — and why — on chain.
Here's one way to visualize it:
It might work like this:
1. Every post you click, bursts citations out in 4 quadrants around it.
  • UPSTREAM = reasons to believe [psychic abilities are real]
  • DOWNSTREAM = ideas that [psychic abilities are real] provides a reason to believe
  • FOR = in favor
  • AGAINST = against
2. You can navigate in any direction from post to post, citation to citation.
Like Wikipedia, for internet rabbit holes.
You could set this visualizer to auto-navigate, and turn it into a slideshow, showing 4 quadrants full of ideas, for one post after the next, for 30 seconds each.
  • "Show the top [downstream] citations [for], starting with [Psychic abilities are real]."
    [Psychic abilities are real] —> [modern science mostly prevents discovery] —> [check out this crazy thing] —> [here’s how it works] —> etc, forever.
A self-driving car for internet rabbit holes!
  • You could project this onto a wall at parties and just let it run.
  • You could do a YouTube channel where you just set some parameters, let it run, and do a reaction video, pausing to research something in real time if it piques your interest.
All posts, citations, and ratings are on-chain, so this is just ONE potential way to visualize it.
You could build this — or something better — and get paid $IMO for it.
The code is open-source, there’s nothing stopping you. If you want to take a shot at it, let me know by replying to this email, or reaching out on Twitter or Discord.