Bullshit recapture technology

Did you know humans release 7.93 gigatons of Bullshitium vapor into the atmosphere each year?

Bullshitium vapor is the #1 cause of social climate change. As it builds up in the atmosphere, it prevents solvable problems from finding simple solutions and escaping back into space, causing agitation levels to rise uncontrollably.

The recent uptick in artificial disasters — such as whinestorms, power outrages, and other microcatastrophes — is no coincidence.

Such artificial disasters are quickly making our planet uninhabitable, especially for people living in cities. (Rural areas, where urgency takes more energy to manufacture, are somewhat less affected.)

The Fuss Fuel Industry

The ad model incentivizes media and social media platforms to burn Fuss Fuels to “drive” “engagement.”

Fuss Fuels are manufactured by drilling into the collective psyche, surfacing long-dormant trauma, injecting it into public discourse at carefully measured rates, and igniting it to create loco motion.

The Fuss Fuel Industry releases over 2.9 gigatons of Bullshitium vapor, annually. These vapors pollute public discourse, and prolonged exposure can cause temporary brain damage in entire populations.

Bullshitium vapors also provoke Congress to undergo ideological mitosis, which reduces its memetic diversity and stunts its ability to sustain the governing body into further generations.

Bullshit recapture technology

Ideamarket is bullshit recapture technology.

By aligning incentives between information producers and consumers, Ideamarket is designed to take bullshit out of the social atmosphere and convert it into something useful.

98% of scientists agree that if global Bullshitium emissions continue to rise, Emperor Nero will return from the North Pole and deliver violins to all of America’s enemies.

Hopefully we can act in time to reverse the crisis at hand.

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