Meme Vault

Ideamarket slogans:

  1. Make lying expensive

  2. Capture the value of obscure genius

  3. Harness greed to empower curiosity

  4. Reverse Brandolini's Law

  5. Replace credentialism with skin-in-the-game

  6. The intellectual gold mine

  7. Humanity's memetic immune system

  8. End fiat credibility

  9. Make sanity popular again

  10. Motivate reasoning

  11. Price *discovery*

  12. Prophet motive

  13. Cash in on your clout

  14. Where trust funds you

  15. Decentralize common knowledge

  16. Make independent thinking an asymmetric bet

  17. A permanent bounty on the improvement of common knowledge

  18. An attention prioritization engine

  19. Unmanufacturing consent

  20. The market for the attention economy

  21. The market for common knowledge