Meme Vault


  1. The credibility layer of the internet

  2. Make lying expensive

  3. Free markets for the attention economy

  4. Un-manufacture consent

  5. Discovery, priced

  6. Capture the value of obscure genius

  7. Harness greed to empower curiosity

  8. Maximize return on attention

  9. Humanity's memetic immune system

  10. Bet on the future of knowledge

  11. Make the attention economy, economical

  12. End fiat credibility

  13. Long Sanity

  14. Prophet motive

  15. Decentralize common knowledge

  16. Reverse Brandolini's Law

  17. The intellectual gold mine

  18. Attention Under Management

  19. Make sanity popular again

  20. Motivate reasoning

  21. Priced discovery

  22. Cash in on your clout

  23. Where trust funds you

  24. Make independent thinking an asymmetric bet

  25. A permanent bounty on the improvement of common knowledge

  26. An attention prioritization engine

  27. The market for common knowledge


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