The task of the InterestManager is to invest Dai into an interest-generating protocol. Currently this is implemented as InterestManagerCompound which invests into Compound.

  • invest: Invests Dai to generate interest

    • uint amount: The amount of Dai to invest

    • returns: The amount of cDai received

  • redeem: Redeems Dai

    • address recipient: The address to receive the redeemed Dai

    • uint amount: The amount of Dai to redeem

    • returns: The amount of burned cDai

  • redeemInvestmentToken: Redeems Dai, but with the amount parameter being the amount of cDai to convert instead of the amount of Dai to redeem.

  • accrueInterest: Calls the underlying protocol to update the accrued interest which in this case is cDai.accrueInterest()

  • withdrawComp: Transfers COMP tokens to the compRecipient

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