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Who controls the memes, controls the universe

Ideamarket aims to replace corporate media as the arbiter of public credibility.

To help achieve this, Ideamarket offers creators a new income stream based on trust, without dependence on ads or paywalls.

How it works

Buy account tokens to vote on the "attentionworthiness" of that account, and sell to revoke your vote.

The first 1,000 tokens for each listing cost $0.10 each. Token price automatically increases by $0.01 for each 100 tokens bought afterward, managed by a bonding curve algorithm.

You can list anyone's account (even @elonmusk), as long as it's not already listed. If you add an account owned by someone else, interest will accrue to their wallet after a purchase, and they can claim it anytime.

Money spent on tokens is held in compound.finance, a decentralized lending protocol. Compound lends these deposits to borrowers, who pay interest (usually 1-10% annually).

All interest generated by token deposits is paid to the owner of the associated social media account.


Ideamarket makes credibility expensive to fake.

Trusted voices crowdsource a high rank "for free," as their audience buys upvotes out of self-interest and genuine belief. Private interests must pay out-of-pocket for a high rank, while competing against the buying power of entire populations.

Over time, market cycles shake out both the deceivers, and the deceived.

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