$IMO token
$IMO is Ideamarket's utility and governance token, launched on 2/2/2022. It stands for "in my opinion" because opinions are all we have.

Official Info


Stake IMO on users you trust to boost their ratings. The more IMO staked on a user, the more that user’s ratings affect the Composite Rating of every post they rate.
Soon we'll introduce Bounties, a way for users to crowdsource prizes for celebrity opinions. Bounties will be paid in $IMO, so that the people whose opinions the public values most will have a stake in the Ideamarket ecosystem.


Holders can use $IMO to create and provide feedback on proposals in our Commonwealth.im forum. We will gradually introduce more governance features into the Ideamarket ecosystem, beginning with Snapshot governance.

Initial distribution

  • Early investors — 10%
  • Team (present & future) — 18%
  • Strategic partnerships — 10%
  • Retroactive Airdrop — 5%
  • Ecosystem & Treasury — 25%
  • Community rewards — 32%
    • Listing Token staking — 5%
    • $IMO staking — 3%
    • Sushiswap LP rewards — 5%
    • Future rewards programs: 13%
    • Community airdrops — 4%
    • Verification rewards — 2%
85% of investor tokens are subject to a 2-year vesting schedule — a 1-year lockup, plus a 1-year linear unlock. The remaining 15% is unlocked immediately to provide liquidity on Sushiswap.
All $IMO allocated to Ideamarket team members are subject to a vesting schedule at least as long.