Exit the intellectual mafia

We live on a Mafia Planet.

There’s a joke that goes, “Leadership is like climbing a tree. When you’re at the top, all you see is smiling faces looking up at you. When you’re at the bottom, all you see is assholes.”

Everyone has an asshole. Everyone has delusions, and makes mistakes that they’d rather cover up.

And the more powerful you become, the more motivated you will be to hide your asshole, and recruit only people who support your delusions and hide your mistakes.

This is how media corporations work.

They don’t hire “evil people.”

They don’t have job postings that say “villains only please,” or “seeking tools of the establishment, inquire within.”

They simply hire people who agree with them — innocent people, who just happen to harbor convenient delusions.

Corporate media journalists truly aspire to serve the public, in a noble profession.

But the structure in which they operate is a literal mafia — an intellectual organized crime network. It gives innocently-deceived people power on the basis of their deceivedness, because deceived people will cover up the assholes above them automatically, without knowing that’s what they’ve really been hired to do.

And then they make mistakes, which is embarrassing, and they in turn recruit conveniently deceived people under them to cover their asshole.

Corporate media journalists are being exploited by power itself, without their knowledge.

The people are good.

The institutions are evil.

The conscience of an institution is distributed across all of its members, and many hands make light work.

The institution of the New York Times feels no guilt over the Iraq War, or over the current and future victims of Jeffrey Epstein and his cohorts, or over the 2-month late start on COVID.

If anyone feels guilt, it’s people. Individuals.

We’re building Ideamarket to invite individuals of conscience to exit conscience-destroying institutions — to invite them to practice their noble profession as they originally intended, instead of for the sake of covering up someone’s asshole.

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