The New News

Think of an Ideamarket post like a “credibility petition" — a nugget of information you can circulate for public intellectuals to affirm or refute directly, on-chain, without any trusted third parties.

It won’t be long until the opinion of 100 people you trust, outweighs the opinion of 1 institution you don’t.

If this had existed a few years ago, we would have…

  • known COVID will be global by January 2020, instead of March

  • potentially saved millions of lives

  • properly investigated Jeffrey Epstein’s death by now

  • etc.

Now we have new high-stakes information, and the chance to try again:

  • Rising inflation

  • Impending food shortage crisis

  • UFOs are 100% real

  • etc.

Why keep waiting on corporate media to fail again?

The biggest challenge is this:

People don’t widely believe credibility can be crowdsourced, because it’s never been done before.

Sure, renegade intellectuals go on podcasts and say things, but that’s not the same thing as getting a huge pile of social capital all in one place — on-chain! — and saying, “We stand by this, we stand by you, and if you get weird looks at the dinner table, just point at this list of names.”

Ideamarket creates a decentralized, highly accountable, user-elected “supreme court” as an alternative to corporate media.

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