Why rate posts?

  1. Qualify for airdrops

  2. Grow your audience on Twitter or any other internet presence

To elaborate:

1. Qualify for airdrops

KaratDAO is a tool that enables airdrop managers to target airdrop recipients based on on-chain attributes.

For example: “I only want to airdrop my new NFT to wallets that hold 710 APE, 940 GMT, and 2 WOW.”

KaratDAO finds these wallets, and even generates the smart contracts for you:

“Deploy your campaign immediately via our Smart Contract Generator, and only your target audience will be able to claim your campaign.”

They seem pretty popular — a post from July 27 boasts over 11,000 daily active users:

If you’re airdropping a new NFT or Token, you want to prioritize the people who are most aligned with your vision.

Using Ideamarket data, KaratDAO will soon be able to target wallets based on their personal beliefs (via their on-chain Ideamarket ratings).

You’ll be able to airdrop your new token only to people who believe

  • Tether is insolvent

  • 9/11 was an inside job

  • Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • And any other opinion that’s posted on Ideamarket

The more posts you rate, the more airdrops you’re likely to receive, thanks to KaratDAO.

We plan to get this up and running before Arbitrum Odyssey sends thousands of users to Ideamarket in late October.

2. Twitter discovery

Soon, your Ideamarket profile will show the users who most agree with you, based on their on-chain ratings.

You will also appear on their profiles. Optionally connect Twitter to Ideamarket, and attract new Twitter followers effortlessly based on your shared beliefs.

  • You pay: a few dollars in rating fees.

  • You get: an endless stream of new Twitter followers who agree with you on the topics you most care about.

You can also promote your Substack, website, or whatever else you want in your bio.

The more posts you rate, the more and higher-quality followers you’ll attract.

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