So we've posted your thought

A 1-minute guide to what's going on

If you've never owned land in a conversation before, congrats! Now you do.

Ideamarket lets you make money arguing on the internet. Users rate posts to express agreement or disagreement. The more times your posts get rated (high or low), the more you earn. Part social network, part knowledge graph, think of your Ideamarket Posts like "owning land in a conversation."

As a side effect, it's easy to crowdsource credibility for information. Instead of waiting 18 months for CNN to agree with you, you can crowdsource a list of credible individuals who agree with you within hours or days. In retrospect, it will be obvious who was insightful and who was just following trends. Imagine querying the on-chain record of opinions — “Who rated [IMPORTANT THING] above [90% CONFIDENCE] at [EARLY TIME]?”

Claim your earnings

If you were linked here by an official Ideamarket social account (most likely on Twitter or Farcaster), we've already sent the NFT of your post to your wallet or ENS. The more your post gets rated, the more ETH you'll be able to can claim using the "Available to Withdraw" button at the top.

Your posts never stop earning, as long as users rate them.

How it's going

With less than 100 daily users, 10+ users made $50+ the first few days after launch (Sept 1 2022). At scale, this could be a lot more. DAUs are lower now, so we’re running a token rewards promo to encourage ratings.

1-minute setup

If you're not on Arbitrum yet, here's the 1-minute setup guide. It's really easy.

This is just the beginning. 😊

See the full Introduction to Ideamarket to learn the basics of how it works, and what we're building toward.

For even more, see "Use Cases" section in the Table of Contents of these docs, especially these 3:

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