Crazy ideas

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Personal belief graph

On each user page, show a belief graph of that person's ratings. Every single user will hav their own auto-generated mindmap of beliefs.


We could build a social app for Ideamarket — it would be like "opt-in to let people send you messages based on your on-chain ratings."


People could pay $IMO to send messages to users who have opted in, targeted based on on-chain ratings, and they receive the messages in the app so the sender would only need to know the recipient's wallet address, not their email

How hard would it be to build super simple messaging into Ideamarket, in a centralized way? We'd add:

  • An opt-in checkbox to the profile page

  • An inbox where messages are received

  • A way to compose plaintext messages, filter the audience by on-chain ratings, pay a fee in $IMO based on audience size, and send

people could opt-in to have their i-mail forwarded to their email


"spin up a discord that auto-invites people based on their on-chain beliefs"

Instant community of 1000 people who all agree on a tiny niche thing

Proof-of-Thought-Leadership PFP

NFT profile pic that changes color based on how good you are at predicting public opinion on Ideamarket. Adjusts based on how well you anticipate the average rating of a post 6 months in advance— green yellow red — green ones will be coveted, proof that you’re a true “thought leader”

Troll debate DAO

prank accounts that post silly things on IM and start stupid debates

"MSWord is the best note-taking app"

DAO Governance

Essentially, Ideamarket is a tool to debate the merit of ideas and the validity of the people who post them. Currently, DAO governance is (in my opinion) a shitshow, and tools like Snapshot make binding decisions on-chain with little to no infrastructure for a meaningful debate, certainly not via crypto.

What if Ideamarket was like Gnosis or Snapshot in that it's a must-use DAO governance feature where DAO members would go to the category of the DAO (like topic: MakerDAO or Uniswap) and could post things like "Add feature X, here's 10 arguments" or "Don't add feature Y, here's where it didn't work."

Basically, Ideamarket as a DAO governance tool. You wouldn't have to do anything different except maybe create a way to embed Ideamarket's page for the topic into other webpages (like a widget) so that people participating in a DAO could see "hey here are all the features we're debating before we even put them to a Yes or No vote that's binding and on chain"


"Changed my view" NFTs

enable "CMV" (changed my view) awards so that users can signify which arguments... changed their view. Idea stolen from

Social Activity feed

Ratings appear in a feed on the homepage

“User” rated “Post” a “99” bc “Citation”

And they get sorted by Staked x Confidence, so ratings by top-staked users get higher visibility, as do things they’re more certain about

Or you could Follow users, and see only their activity

Venn Diagram Social Search Engine

Venn diagram of all beliefs 2 (or many!) users have in common

"Show all posts rated above 50 by both Mike and Rahab"

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