Increasing population-scale comprehension

It‘s hard to doubt what seems readily apparent.

This sounds harmless, doesn’t it?

It sounds like the basis of all science: “I looked at it, and there it was. Therefore...”

But this harmless aspect of human nature has been exploited to turn people into idiots.

All it takes is an enemy.

As soon as someone is persuaded that “only evil people believe x,” their comprehension ability is slashed.

  • If their opinion is “only evil people believe x”

  • They’re literally unable to comprehend x.

  • Why? Because if they allowed themselves to comprehend x, x might seem readily apparent.

  • Then they’d find x hard to doubt. (“It’s hard to doubt what seems readily apparent.”)

  • Which means they’d be evil, by their own definition. And that’s unacceptable.

Without willingness to agree with a belief (in the off-chance it’s true of course), people will fight like hell to make sure they don’t comprehend it.

Make sense?

By creating a profit motive around public narratives and common knowledge, Ideamarket pays people to become willing to agree with a wider variety of possible truths. In other words:

Ideamarket harnesses greed to increase comprehension.

If willingness to agree increases comprehension, And the profit motive increases willingness to agree, Then the profit motive increases comprehension.

Ideamarket is building a future in which the financial benefits of “the truth” outweigh the psycho-social benefits of “my truth” — increasing comprehension at population scale.

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