The URL Market

There are two markets — URLs and Users.

The URL market surfaces the world's most important information. Think of it like "marketized Reddit."

How you'd make money

The first way to make money is to use your unique insight to find undervalued information on the URL market, or an undervalued voice on the User market to "buy low, sell high."

The second is to become a high-ranked User. All the money people spend to back your account on the User market, will soon earn interest on a decentralized lending protocol. That interest all gets paid to you. If others spend $1,000,000 on your account, you could get $50,000-$100,000 per year in interest income. In short: The more confidence you inspire in market participants, the more money you make.

The third is to list a URL that attracts a high volume of deposits over time. The wallet that submits a URL to the URL market on-chain is entitled to claim the interest generated by deposits.

What we learned

It turns out URLs don't make great financial assets, for several reasons:

  • There's an infinite number of URLs. If someone beat you to your favorite, you can simply copy/paste it into a new place and list the same content on a new URL. This splits liquidity and adds uncertainty.

  • URLs often have a short relevance half-life. Even a highly important news article might only be relevant for a few weeks, so there's not much need for a permanent market to curate its relevance

  • Bonding curve problems (link to come)

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