Selling old tokens & unstaking

  • Tokens from our February 2021 product (Twitter accounts tokenized and traded on a bonding curve) can still be bridged and sold from the "Wallet" tab in your Ideamarket profile.

  • Tokens from our Early 2022 product (URLs tokenized and traded on a bonding curve) can be sold using the process below. It’s a bit of a workaround, but 100% doable and all your money is available. (If your tokens are/were locked, scroll down and follow the Unlocking instructions before you follow the Selling instructions.)

Step 1: Go to your wallet address on

Step 2: Click on the "Token" dropdown and do the following for each different IDT token you own:

  • Note how many IDT tokens you own. This number will be used as an input later.

  • Click the IDT token in the dropdown, which opens a page that shows its “contract address.” Copy the token contract address to your clipboard.

Step 3: Go to this page and click “Connect to Web3” to connect your wallet.

  • Scroll down to the "sellTokens" function.

  • Input:

    • for the “ideaToken” field — the token address you copied

    • for "amount" — the number of that IDT token you own, padded by 18 decimal places (ex: If you own 27 IDT, input 27000000000000000000)

    • for “minPrice” — 0

    • for “recipient” — the address you want DAI to get paid out to (probably just your wallet)

Step 4: Click 'Confirm' and execute the transaction in your wallet.

If your tokens are locked…

Before you can sell you will have to unlock them:

Step 1: Visit this link and go to the "getLockedEntries" function

Step 2: Input:

  • for the “ideaToken” field — The token address of the IDT token you are trying to unlock/sell

  • for “user” — The wallet address that locked them

  • for “maxEntries” — 10

  • Then click 'Confirm' and execute the transaction in your wallet.

  • You will get as an output a list of timestamps, depending on how many times you locked that particular token (it will usually just be one number).

Step 3: Copy this number/list, visit this link, and find the “Withdraw” function.

Step 4: Input:

  • for “lockedEntries” — The number or list you copied

  • for “tokenAddress” — the token address of the IDT token in question

  • for “recipient” — the desired recipient address, probably just your wallet

Click 'Confirm' and execute the transaction in your wallet.

Your tokens should now be unlocked and sellable using the process above.

For our current (Sept 2022) product:

Unstaking IMO from users

If you have staked IMO on users, here’s how to unstake it:

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Go to My Profile in the upper right

  1. Go to the Holdings tab

  1. For each user in the list, visit their profile and click the blue “Stake” button in the right sidebar.

  1. In the popup, select Unstake and fill in the amount of IMO you want to withdraw from that user’s profile. (Click Max to autofill the total amount.)

  1. Click Allow Ideamarket to withdraw your [user] and confirm the transaction in Metmask. Then click Unstake and do the same.

  2. Your unstaked IMO should now be in your Metamask wallet.

Unstake from ETH-IMO liquidity pool on SushiSwap

  1. In the header menu, go to the IMO dropdown and click “Unstake from old version.”

  1. Click the “Stake ETH-IMO” tab, choose Unstake, and and fill out the form.

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