The Last Internet Argument

You’ve probably noticed the same ideas, the same evidence, the same arguments keep getting repeated over and over again on different social media platforms.

How much brainpower do we waste on this, as a species?

Ideamarket might have what it takes to become The Last Internet Argument — the place to have all arguments, once and for all.

But wait — wouldn’t it be easy for 2,000 different people to post

“Epstein didn’t kill himself”

“J.Epstein dint kill hisself”


Here’s why that doesn’t matter:

Ideamarket users have strong incentives to pile onto one version of each idea, and ignore the alternate versions.

When you rate the favorite version of each post…

  1. More users see you on their “Similar Users” tab.

    • You can attract aligned people to your website, social media accounts, or product, effortlessly. Your tribe comes to you. Perfect for artists, activists, and influencers.

  2. You potentially qualify for more future airdrops.

    • Popular posts will be used to filter audiences for airdrops. For example, If I’m starting a DAO for Cats’ Rights Activism, I only want people who agree with me to receive the CATDAO token airdrop. I’ll find the post “Cats deserve more rights,” and airdrop tokens only to users who rated it 80 or above. Perfect for people who like free money.

  3. You increase its IRL credibility.

    • Think of a post like a “credibility petition.” The more people express their voice clearly all in the same place, the more power that instrument has to change the conversation in society. Perfect for driving real-world impact.

  4. You increase the value of the NFT.

    • This helps financially support the owner of the post. Perfect for DAOs raising money for a cause.

You can earn the most money by creating (or owning) the “favorite version” of your idea. Ex. The favorite version of “Milk is good for you” becomes the default citation for that topic, cited in arguments all over Ideamarket. This produces an endless stream of eyeballs, ratings, and rating fees for you.

You don’t have to “win” the Last Internet Argument.

You just have to own a piece of it.

That’s why it's valuable to be an early user.

If you haven’t gotten started yet, we’ve just updated the Easy Setup guide to get you rolling. It takes just a few minutes!

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