Public goods funding
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A market where each listing is associated with a Gitcoin grant or other public goods project (instead of a Twitter account) could:
    Facilitate discovery of worthwhile public goods projects
    Create a separate income stream for projects that is not based on sheer generosity
    Expand the pool of public goods contributors to include speculators and profit-seekers
    Pay out slowly instead of all at once, allowing market participants to decide over time which projects are meeting their goals

Closeable markets

The challenge is this:
Ideamarkets are permanent, so when a Grant project gets finished, abandoned, or VC funding, people will lose money as that Grant's market dumps.
Therefore, public goods funding via Ideamarket requires a slight tweak: closeable markets
    Market "auto-closes" in 1 year by default.
    When the market closes, no more buys are accepted, and all DAI in the bonding curve gets distributed back to buyers, in proportion to their upvote holdings.
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