How to kill bad ideas
America's "war on terror" has shown that if you cut off the head of one terrorist, you create three more β€” his brother, son, and father.
Its "war on bigotry" has created new leagues of bigots, an atmosphere of mob rule, and cancel culture.
The "war on Trump" led by Democrat-leaning news outlets gave Donald Trump over $4 billion of free press coverage before the 2016 primaries.
The underlying theme is the same: Ideas can’t be killed by force.
Ideas can only be killed by disinterest.
The best way to create disinterest is to present an alternative so superior as to render the bad idea obsolete.
A superior idea gives people what they truly need, instead of what they say they want.
Here's the hard part: A superior idea must actually address the grievances and concerns of the people who currently believe the bad idea.
On Ideamarket, the only way to fight a bad idea is to promote a superior one.
Thus, Ideamarket is a protocol for killing bad ideas.
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