How to create a market signal for Trust
Trustlessly measuring trust
Corporate media uses its role as "arbiter of credibility" to exploit the public — to manufacture consent — rather than to reflect and protect its values.
Ideamarket allows the public to bestow and revoke credibility trustlessly, without depending on trusted third parties like media corporations.
Therefore, we expect "actual trustedness," without reference to what corporate media tells you to trust, to be a reason people buy a listing.

How signal improves

Over time, as history happens and highly-ranked people are proven wrong (or liars), the market will correct.
Meanwhile, the largest profit opportunities will be found in discovering extremely trustworthy voices early, while still unknown. Market participants are rewarded for seeking out and elevating under-valued voices to compete with incumbents.
This combination of
  • 1) markets correcting due to revealed failures and deceit
  • 2) constant attempts to improve upon current leaders
will improve Ideamarket's signal over time.

Fundamental value indicators

Everyone agrees trust and trustworthiness are valuable. The fundamental value is there already. The challenge is identifying it, and building tools and metrics that help reveal it.
With tools like these and others in development, Ideamarket will help people identify trustworthiness and make price discovery judgments about it.

Locked %

Locking tokens signals confidence in a listing's long-term strength. A high locked token % could distinguish potential blue chips from pump-and-dump schemes. (However, too high a locked % may indicate low buying interest, as if everyone able to sell a listing already has.)

Verified identity %

Verified identity % could help distinguish listings bought by genuine grassroots movements, from those bought by Sheldon Adelson using 10,000 different ETH addresses. We may partner with someone like BrightID to verify identities on Ideamarket while maintaining user privacy.
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