The Wikipedia market tests one of our core theses: The worldโ€™s best information is not kept โ€œsecretโ€ โ€” itโ€™s kept โ€œuncool.โ€
  • The scientists who study UFOs are not considered scientists.
  • The journalists who report on Jeffrey Epstein are not considered journalists.
  • The doctors who prescribe Ivermectin are not considered medical experts.
Information about these is de-prioritized by virtually every kind of authoritative institution, despite an abundance of evidence, impact, and public fascination.
Until now.
The Wikipedia market invites the public to test this by answering this question:

"What should the whole world Google right now?"

The intent is not necessarily to surface the world's best information directly โ€” rather, it's to surface under-valued information at the topic level.

Information fundamental analysis

The Wikipedia market also begins a new experiment in "Information fundamental analysis." More on that here:โ€‹

Wikipedia interest earnings

Interest generation is currently paused, given money markets for DAI are not yet available on Arbitrum. Given nobody owns Wikipedia entries, we are openly discussing how to allocate the interest generated by the Wikipedia market. Have a cool idea? Share with us on Discord.
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