Due Diligence for Concepts
The more directly we can port due diligence frameworks from traditional markets to Ideamarket, the more easily we can transition from public narratives based on obeying authority to public narratives based on risk management.
Therefore, the Ideamarket community is in the process of inventing “due diligence for concepts,” fundamental analysis for information itself. (Want to help? Join our Discord)

Due diligence for concepts

The Wikipedia market provides a new instrument to experiment with.
How can we use Wikipedia to perform fundamental analysis on information?
A few methods involve looking at
  • what’s getting attention within a niche
  • correlations between platforms
  • trends and cycles
  • disparities between Wikipedia pageviews and media coverage
Here’s an example of each:

1. NICHE: CIA operations

“Project MKULTRA” seems by far the most visited Wikipedia page among CIA operations.
While there are dozens of CIA operations listed on Wikipedia, this analysis tool can only display up to 10 at a time. We didn’t find any as well-viewed as Project MKUltra (blue line).

2. CORRELATION: Wikipedia pageviews = Google searches?

The top Wikipedia page of 2020, Donald Trump, received the highest page view spike the week he was elected in 2017.
This probably isn’t the first time everyone is hearing of him — it’s just a time he’s making a lot of news.
This may indicate top Wikipedia pages are strongly correlated with Google searches.

3. TREND: Repeating cycles

Operation Barbarossa was not a CIA action, but the German invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. The chart shows an annual cycle of pageviews, usually culminating in a huge spike in the third week of June.
The chart for “Barack Obama” shows huge spikes each election year, though they decrease with time — presumably because people know who he is by now.

4. DISPARITY: Ghislaine Maxwell trial

“Ghislaine Maxwell” was the 112th most-viewed Wikipedia article in all of 2020 — even beating out “Anthony Fauci.”
With her trial currently underway, the largest media corporations are relatively silent, and social media efforts to break the silence are censored:
Ideamarket exists to correct these kinds of drastic disparities between enduring public interest and media coverage.

Data sources

These charts were obtained using pageviews.toolforge.org, topviews.toolforge.org, and wikishark.com, all of which use the same data that appear in Ideamarket’s listing pages for Wikipedia articles:
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