Team / Hiring

Founder and CEO β€” Mike Elias

Mike was Head of Business Development (and the first employee) at Global Liquidity, a startup building 3D trading interfaces, funded by Blocktower Capital and Mike is also a musician and psychology writer with several guest posts on Ribbonfarm.

CTO and Chief Architect β€” Alexander Schlindwein

Alexander has been developing Ethereum smart contracts for over 4 years. He built MakerAuctions, contributed to rDAI, and claimed two the largest bug bounties in the history of Ethereum.
Both team members can be reached on Twitter (Mike, Alexander) or in the Ideamarket discord.

Special thanks

Ideamarket owes a special gratitude to Gitcoin and our early devs, without whom none of this would have been possible: Tommy Cox Eukaryote P Bhanu Teja Sofiane Akermoun Scott Herren

Open positions

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